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Updates and new features


I just pushed the latest updates to github

First of all, the category feature is here, as you may have already noticed you now can select a category when posting a question.

Categories can have sub-categories, and the level of nesting is unlimited.

You can already try the admin page for category editing here:

Since you are not admin you can only play with the editor but the changes will not be saved.

The rendering of categories page is not very good yet, I have to work on a template and css for displaying categories better.

2 - I added support for multi-site setup. You can have multiple sites using lampcms on the same server and they all can use a single copy of the lampcms library.

For this to work you just have to uncomment the line in !inc.php
//define('LAMPCMS_LIB_DIR', '/var/lampcms/lib');

and put a full path to location of Lampcms/lib directory
That's all you have to do.

You can even move the Lampcms/lib directory (the directory that contains 3 folders: Lampcms, Pear and fonts folder as well as autoload.php file (which I moved there from the root directory so that autoload can also be reused between sites)

3 - Added Time Zone selection to Edit Profile page so user can select own timezone now. This is just a first step, I still have to go over the rest of the program and update all the places where timezone can be used in order to display correct times in user's timezone.

So download and test these new features.

Next I am starting to work on some refactoring of how site settings are stored. I want to create a single 'settings' directory where we will keep all editable files like !config.ini, !acl.ini, Points.php, Mycollections.php and also soon another editable file to make urls flexible by using 'routes' - something similar to Codeigneter's routes.
The idea is that you will be able to define your own url structure and will no longer need rewrite rules on the web server.

Also there will be the option to define the root web folder so you can add lampcms to existing website and just access in like or
Basically you will just define a root folder and links will be created dynamically. You can even update this web folder setting any time and all links will be updated since they will be created dynamically now.

Not sure when I will be done with all this, I'm thinking about 8 weeks (I work only couple evenings a week on this site plus 2 days on weekend)

The good news is that I recently started a new job which is 5 days a week, unlike my last job which was 6 day/week. So now I have more time to work on Lampcms.

asked May 19, 2012 at 7:36 AM


2 Answers

I think this is a very good software
It looks great
answered November 9, 2012 at 2:25 AM
this is a very nice software 
answered November 9, 2012 at 2:13 AM

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