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CSS forbidden -> installation



I'm finding this whole installation process rather difficult and I have no idea what's causing this error.
I've followed the instructions on the installation page.
asked July 9, 2012 at 5:13 AM


2 Answers

i have this problem too

but don't solve with these solution :(

answered October 12, 2016 at 1:19 PM
Sorry, but installation process has changed slightly in this new release.

Also why is the screenshot point to Have you added this domain to your hosts file?

Here are some basic installation instructions now:

1) inside the config folder rename !config.ini.dist to !config.ini
rename acl.ini.dist to acl.ini

2) in the www folder (which will be your root folder of the installation) rename
bootstrap.dist.php to bootstrap.php

In the newly renamed bootstrap.php you may edit a couple of lines if you going to be using a multi-site setup where you need to define a path to the lib directory. You don't have to edit anything at all for default installation.

3) You need to create 'logs' folder, by default it should be next to the lib directory, but you can have logs directory anywhere on your system and then define a full path to logs directory in !config.ini
Make sure logs directory is writable

4) Edit !config.ini to setup your mail server in the [EMAIL_SERVER] section. Read the comments in the !config.ini they are pretty informative.

5) In !config.ini make sure to enter values for

EMAIL_DEVELOPER and EMAIL_ADMIN can be the same address. Should be your address since that's where you will be receiving errors in case there are any. Receiving errors is very helpful in debugging process. Also
the value of EMAIL_ADMIN you set in !config.ini is used when creating your first account. When you register a user with the email that matches EMAIL_ADMIN value in !config.ini that user becomes admin of the site and have rights to moderate, delete posts, edit posts and delete users. Also has other super-rights.

Do not edit
JS_SITE = ""

unless you really going to host these on a dedicated server(s) with own domain name

You MUST also set a value of

to point to domain name where you going to host your Lampcms project.
If you going to setup Lampcms in non-root web directory do NOT point
SITE_URL to that directory - it must still point to root of the site.

6) If you setting up Lampcms in NON-Root web directory then also edit
value of DIR in the [URI_PARTS] section of !config.ini

Again, instructions in !config.ini are pretty informative

Let me know if these steps work for you.

answered July 9, 2012 at 7:43 PM
By the way, download the latest version from github - I just added one previously missing section to !config.ini.dist which is required
Jul 9 '12 at 20:54

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