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Phar based LampCMS package is ready


I am happy to announce that phar based package of Lampcms library is now included in the distribution zip file.
Also this support forum runs from the phar archive now.

The lampcms.phar is included in the distribution zip file, it's not available on github because phar is created during the build process. Basically lampcms.phar includes every file that resides under the /lib/ folder in the source tree. The comments and new lines are removed from all php files before they included in the phar archive, resulting in over 50% reduction in file sizes.

The bootstrap.dist.php in www folder now includes the option to define LAMPCMS_PHAR - a full path to lampcms.phar file. If defined, the phar archive is used.

Basically if you using lampcms.phar you don't have to upload the contents of the /lib/ folder to your server, just upload lampcms.phar anywhere on your server then define a path to it in bootstrap.php and you good to go.

Upgrading to a new release of phar is easy - just upload a new version of phar. The only little extra step you need to take when upgrading a phar file is you also need to upload a newest version of the minified qa.js file.

This is because release version of the library is different in every phar archive and when page is rendered the script looks for a version of minified .js file that matches the release version.

For example, the current release is 0.1.77 so a path to js file is /js/min/qa_0.1.77.js

So when upgrading phar-based installation you need to: download a zip file, extract it locally on your PC. From the extracted archive upload lampcms.phar to your server and also from www/js/min/ upload the latest version of qa.js file to your www/js/min directory.

Who should use phar based installation?

Anyone who just wants to get the site up and running fast. If you plan making any changes to any of the php files then of cause phar based installation is not for you.

One last thing: with phar based installation it is not possible to add your own custom modules to lampcms. This is because the Modules directory is now packed inside the phar archive.
I have to make a change to include the 'Plugins' directory under the 'config' directly. Then you would could add your own plugins to that directory.

Anyway, give it a try. Download the latest zip from
Edited Aug 11, 2012 12:04 PM
asked August 11, 2012 at 6:59 AM


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