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Questions about lampcms development direction



What are the future plans for the karma system? I have read you see no point in badges/rewards and also mention it would be easy to put into place. So if anyone that has forked reads this has anyone done such a thing yet?

What future plans does the karma system hold.? What direction will you be taking it ? One of the great things about SO sites is the reputation stats . It gives clear indication of what went up or down what points and what for. Will this be implemented into lampcms? As far as I am aware, at the moment you simply get a different colour over the vote box in your answers section where some sort of points were given.How many and exactly for what are unclear you just see a total points. IMO a good reputation/karma system helps build better communities and encourages folk to give better support. It is something that was always needed on our forum sites .

Secondly, when is it likely issue 53 "add image upload feature" will be started ? Or if anyone forked, have you done this? It is something our users can't do without. When getting a few dozen users to test lampcms they found linking to super large pics, no matter what the picture size was set to, broke the question layout.By that I mean, the user would need to scroll miles to the right in there browser because they linked to some mega pic. Both linking and uploading pics need a set size container that cant be changed.

Lastly the other good thing about SO sites is the revision history any plans to add this to lampcms or is anyone working on it ?

Thanks for the work done so far

asked August 23, 2012 at 8:45 PM


1 Answer

About the detailed log of points feature. This is not very hard to do, but I don't think I'll have time to add this soon. In order to display the history of how users earned their points we have to have a log of all the events that earned points, like when a new vote was cast for user's question, new vote for answer, the answer was accepted, etc. As with all other features this is a 2-phase process - first we need to record all the events in a new collection and then create an interface to view the history or points activity per user.

It will be pretty small job to just add this new collection and add an observer object that would record all events to this new collection. The rendering of this data is more time-consuming project.

Anyway, this is not something I'm going to add soon.

Issue #53 - option to upload image with a question/answer is more important and I want to add it. I will work on this feature definitely in the next month or two.

In general, I am happy with feature and functionality of Lampcms so far. There are a few bugs to fix, a few small features to add like internationalization and localization, especially to format time in user's locale. This is something I want to add soon.

The next thing I want to do is to concentrate or the API of Lampcms and on writing an app based on the API. I have not decided yet what type of App I want to start writing - it's currently between HTML5 based app, probably based on YUI App framework or maybe jQuery mobily and Android native app.

Another thing I was considering (as an experimental feature only) is to start a new project that will be REST API for LAMPCMS but will be written in C++
You probably asking why C++? The answer is that it's alot more efficient than other languages, beats php by probably 10 times as far as speed and uses alot less memory. The idea is to still use MongoDB and being able to use existing LampCMS database but API will run as a compiled C program, will be able to handle thousands of requests per second on a single server.
Anyway, we already have a REST API as part of LampCMS, all in php, so of cause for now we'll use it for the app development, but I still want to experiment with C++
If anyone knows C++ then please reply especially if you can contribute a few hours of coding.

So anyway, I am really hoping to move in the direction of the mobile app. I think it's going to be a lot more useful for many potential users of Lampcms than ability to view their karma history. Nothing wrong with karma history it's just that I have only limited time.

If anyone else wants to contribute to the project I will be happy to answer questions about the architecture and how to add modules to Lampcms. It's actually very simple.

answered August 24, 2012 at 6:16 PM
Thanks for the reply.I appreciate the fact the image upload feature will be worked on sooner rather than later and glad the project has constant active development. It appears i will have to do the karma history thing myself since something my users will require . i will start this in about a month when i get some free time if i have any questions i will be sure to ask.Ill show results when done so if anyone wants to use they can. The mobile application sounds great and i agree something useful to users,i look forward to its development.
Aug 28, 2012 02:18 AM

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