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Invalid URL in Email Responses?


I have most of my site setup but when I get email responses, it doesn't give a URL that works.

It gives me a URL like:testuser has replied to a question you follow:

Visit this url

to read the reply

The only URL that seems to work pointing to the answer is:

Did I miss something in my configuration?

It seems a section of the URL is missing (the hyphenated question string).

I am using the Chrome browser.

I also wonder if this is affecting URL redirection. After editing an answer LampCms tries to redirect and pops up a dialog but nothing happens. Maybe that's a separate issue with my lighttpd configuration, not sure.

Any hints?


Edited Sep 1, 2013 09:22 PM
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asked September 1, 2013 at 8:09 PM

I can see the url being created here in Answer.php: public function getUrl($short = false) { $url = '/viewquestion/quest' . $this->offsetGet(Schema::QUESTION_ID) . '/#ans' . $this->offsetGet(Schema::PRIMARY); You can see how it is getting everything but seems to skip putting in the hyphenated url portion. I must be missing something if it is working for everyone else.
Sep 1, 2013 08:40 PM
I think this problem has to do with my lighttpd configuration, specifically this section..this is my hunch. $HTTP["host"] == "" { url.rewrite-once = ( "/index\.php" => "$0", "/_assets/*" => "$0", ".*\.(png|gif|jpg|jpeg|css|js|ico)$" => "$0", ".*\.(css|js)\?t" => "$0", "^/(.*)$" => "/index.php/$1" ) # }
Sep 1, 2013 09:14 PM

2 Answers

Best answer
The interesting this is that if I type in:

the web page automatically refreshes the URL with the expanded URL:

I'm not sure how that works. I guess the backend does the redirection?
answered September 2, 2013 at 10:48 AM
Thanks for the hints. With lots of debugging i finally got something working. In my !config.ini file I had: SITE_URL="" but i changed it to; SITE_URL="" and it all magically works. I suppose when it is trying to redirect things it needs that protocol prefix
Sep 2, 2013 11:00 AM
Have you tried checking the URL redirection on the front end JavaScript side?
answered September 2, 2013 at 10:45 AM

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