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This forum now runs on EC2 free micro instance


I just moved this support forum to AWS. I got the free EC2 t2 micro instance. Baiscally it's a virtual server with 1Gig ram and 8 Gig hard drive. Additionally service comes with 1 year free mysql database, which is hosted by AWS outside your micro instance and I am also using SES - Simple Email Service for sending out emails like registration and question updates emails.

For the server I'm using nginx and php 5.5 fpm. In the php-fpm I set low number of spare server - just 15, which is enough for my purpose of hosting this site, I rarely have over 5 simultaneous connections.

So far this setup has been holding up and working well. Setting up the server was pretty simple. I chose Amazon's own Linux distribution which is based on CentOS and optimized for Amazon AWS.

This Linux distro comes with YUM service that points to Amazon's repository, so I got all the required php extensions just by using yum install. I did not have to build any php extension from source, which is great.

For installing mongodb I had to add mongodb's own repository to config. I added smallfiles to mongo config files in order to save disk space.

I think I may upgrade from this micro instance to a small instance which will cost me just $15/month in I go with longer term pre-paid agreement.

I have always been recommending people to get their own dedicated server for hosting Lampcms based sites but for smaller communities I can now confirm that LampCMS works on AWS even on the free micro instance.

I also updated the code to fix issues that I encountered with the latest php 5.5 version. I rewrite function that used pre_replace to use preg_replace_callback, updated Mongo class to use MongoClient instead of older Mongo but still allowing to use older Mongo class in case user does not have newest mongo extension in php.

Removed the 'safe' option from mongodb code which has been deprecated. Now safe mode is the default, but can be more fine-tuned in the mongo connection string, which is set in the !config.ini file.

Also made some other minor changes to optimize the code for php 5.5

The latest changes are available on github.

asked October 21, 2014 at 9:59 AM

Has anyone else tried to host Lampcms on Amazon AWS EC2 service?
Oct 26, 2014 02:34 PM

2 Answers

Can you me share me an image for running this on aws.
answered April 15, 2015 at 9:33 AM
By the way, in case you wondering how to move Lampcms site to a new server, it's pretty simple. I used mongodump to dump mongodb database, then used mongorestore to restore it on the new server.

For mysql I used mysqldump to dump the search database then loaded it in the new mysql server from command line.

To move source code I just used tar to create tar file and then restored in on new server.

answered October 21, 2014 at 5:03 PM

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