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Integrate Lampcms with our own user management



We have a requirement to integrate a question answer forum to our site. After lots of study for available options we think that lampcms is best for us. We have our own user management and we have a requirement to allow only registered users at our site to post queries. Based on discussions on this forum I found that it can be integrated with other sites and can be part of sub-folder to the main site. We are trying to find out how easy/difficult is it to integrate our user management with lampcms. Any details or documentation in this regard will be very helpful. Few more details I would like to share.

1) Site is built with YII2 framework. 
2) Simplest approach that we see is that when user register on our site we call some library function to register him to lampcms database as well. However our concern is that session management/cookies probably will not work as there are two distinct databases. We want that is user i logged in to our site and he need to post a question he should not be prompted to login again.

Looking forward to your expert advice.

Best Regards
asked April 10, 2015 at 4:52 AM


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