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Question search feature requires minimum of 3 questions


Important: the new question search feature by default uses MySQL full text search feature.
It is enabled if you have MySQL installed and php pdo_mysql extension enabled.

The important thing to know is that MySQL will not return any search results if the search term
appears in more than 50% or documents. This means that if you have only 1 question, or even 2 questions, the search will not be returning any results.

Basically you need at least 3 questions in order to see any search results. Even the 3 questions may not generate any results if those 3 questions contain about the same words.

So if you want to test the search feature you should populate your site with at least 3 very different questions.

This is just something you should know before you start posting "Search does not work"
asked March 18, 2011 at 6:16 AM


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