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Hidden features


Did you know that IP-based GeoLocation is saved to the database?
Every new question and answer has geo-location data (if available by just the ip address). This data includes latitude and longitude coordinates. This means that an app or a feature can be created to plot recent questions and answers on Google Maps.

Or a single discussion thread can be presented in the form of the Map, plotting poster's avatars and intro (first 150 or so chars) on the map.

This is just a little feature that is just there - you can write your own module to use it.

I probably will not have time for this in the next 3 months but anyone is welcome to contribute. It's not all that hard - the data is already there.

Another hidden feature: did you know that a word count is recorded for every question and answer? It even works correctly on UTF-8 strings, like for other languages.

A feature can be written to calculate average length of question/answer per user, total words posted by user, etc.
This is something that is just there, and now that you know, you can use it to write your own module that uses it.

That's all for now. A while ago I also wrote a small javascript that calculates user's typing speed as user enters some input into form. Then it's is sent to the server. Knowing user's typing speed can actually tell a computer savvy person from someone who is not all the proficient with computers. Can be an important data.

Maybe some day I will add it in here too. Does anybody want this?

asked April 10, 2011 at 7:45 PM

this is way cool IMO and it opens the door to client side gadgets and special purpose applets that consume the rich KB and profile data.. in general.. I think that this helps move LampCMS into the area of being an "application platform" and not just a narrow focused app... ie.. build cool stuff on the built in functions.
Apr 11 '11 at 10:13
Do you want to me also add characters count for questions and answers? This may seem not very useful to me now, but who knows, maybe it will be useful for someone else. it will add the ability to get total letters typed by user, get the question and answers with longest text etc... It does not add must extra work at time of parsing question and answer. What are the thoughts on this? The letters count will be UTF8 safe, so multibyte chars will correctly count as one letter.
Apr 11 '11 at 11:41
my response to a question like this will always be YES.. ie, it brings us closer to your idea that a KE is ideally a general purpose.. (wait for it) .. CMS ! ..that can benefit from analytics, reporting and rich user profiles, etc.
Apr 11 '11 at 12:24

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